IETI is a community of students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel committed to the development of technical- vocational education which is essential to the development and progress of the nation.
We believe, therefore:

  • That our personnel should be provided not only with their economic and socio- cultural needs, but also meaningful and comprehensive training and development so that they can meet the challenge of the future with confidence.
  • That our students be provided with necessary technical competence and desired attitudes for them to achieve a high level of proficiency.
  • That our key to success is trust in our fellow workers, competence is one's job, and dedication to work


To offer a technical- vocational instructional delivery system that is efficient and effective to cope with and meet current and future needs of the labor market.

  • To engage in research and development of projects and programs this will contribute to the enhancement of curricular offerings and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To strengthen cooperation and linkages with industry and employment opportunities of our graduates.
  • To bring the school closer to the community by opening branches in areas where services are needed.
  • To uplift the quality of life of our countrymen by providing scholarship grants to poor but deserving students

In July 1974, the International Electronics and Technical Institute, Inc. was born. It was formally incorporated and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It established its first school on the second floor of the Galvez Building at Taft Avenue Extension in Pasay City and started operations in school year 1974-75 offering one and two- year course in electronics.

In 1975, the Institute opened schools in Cubao and Makati. The Makati School, located on the mezzanine floor of the Guadalupe Commercial Complex at first, offered only courses in electronics, later it expanded to include electricity, radio communications, refrigeration, automotive, typing and stenography among its course offerings. IETI Cubao, located on the fifth floor of the Doña Victoriana building at EDSA corner New York St. also began with electronics courses specializing in radio and television.

In 1981, further expansion of the Institute included the offering of the two-year Electronic Computer Technician courses in its Pasay and Cubao schools, thereby earning the distinction of being the first private school in the Philippines to offer such a program.

In 1983, IETI opened its fourth school in Kalookan City, located on the third floor of the Dytronix Building near the Bonifacio Monument, the school offered courses in electronics and radio communications.

IETI Makati and IETI Kalookan also started offering the two- year Electronic Computer Technician course in 1984 which had by then gained favorable acceptance in other IETI school. At the same time, a new two-year course, the Industrial electronics Technician, was introduced in all IETI schools.

In school year 1985-86, IETI applied with the Department of Education, Culture and Sports for trimestral school calendar operations and pilot- tested it for two years. With the successful implementation of this system, the trimestral calendar was institutionalized in school year 1987-88.

A new course offered in the four IETI schools is the two- year Electrical, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Technician course. Introduced in school year 1986-87, this is the Institute's answer to the call for a technician-level education in related fields of electricity and refrigeration.

1987, IETI opened its fifth school in Alabang, Muntinlupa, and Metro Manila. It is located on the second floor of the O and O Commercial Building 2 with the other IETI schools.

In 1988, IETI opened its sixth and seventh schools. The sixth school is located on the second floor of the ARDI III Building, Cainta, Rizal while the seventh is located on the third floor of the Rempson Building, Shoe Avenue, Sto. Niño, Marikina, Metro Manila. Both schools offer the same courses given in other IETI schools with a new Computer Secretarial Course.

With continued research on manpower needs of business and industry, the Institute Curriculum Development Group introduced the following programs which were offered in all IETI schools starting 1990: Computer Systems Management, General Electronics Technician, Advanced Computer and Office and Management and Certificate in Entrepreneurship. The latter was originally developed by DECS and further enriched by the Institute to accommodate computer subjects concentrating on software packages.

In school year 1991-92, the Institute introduced and offered the following new 6- Trimester programs: Computer Systems and Business Management (CSBM), Electronic Systems Management Technician (EST), Computer Technician and Systems Management (CTSM), Electromechanical and Electronics Equipment Technician (MEET), and the Business Machines and Electronics Technician (BMET).

Graduates of the above programs are expected to be skilled with a wider scope of know-how, in their own fields. Entrepreneurial and management courses were included to give the graduated skills in managing people and activities so that organization and personal goals are achieved.  In June 1993, IETI Biñan School was opened, establishing the eighth school at the third floor of Reysal Bldg., Biñan, Laguna.

Challenged by the growing demand for skilled manpower by the industry, and with the objective if establishing a technical- vocational school near the door-step of the students, IETI Biñan started its operations in school year 1993-94. The school was conceived a year prior and preparation got underway in the middle of 1992. The program offerings at IETI Biñan are the same as its sister schools. The courses are uniquely designed to embrace a wider scope of skills and competence and assure graduates of accommodation by the industry on multiple job positions. Graduates also have the opportunity of establishing their own business ventures because they are likewise trained for entrepreneurial management.

The nineth IETI school was established at Las Piñas in June 1994 (school year 1994-95). IETI Las Piñas school occupies the 3rd and 4th floors of Navarro Bldg., Real St., Pamplona, Las Piñas, Metro Manila, just beside the Municipal Hall of Las Piñas.

IETI Las Piñas acquired the most modern 486 DX personal computers and newly-designed and fabricated laboratory teaching aids. Going beyond the standards of other technical schools within Metro Manila, IETI Las Piñas acquired the fastest data processing computer in the market today.

The first IETI six-storey building at Alabang has already been completed, and will carry the name, IETI College. Aside from the 6-trimester programs that it is going to offer in the technical-vocational level, it will initially also offer undergraduate programs in B.S. in Computer Science and Technology (BSCST), B.S. in Technological Education (BSTE), Associate in Computer Science and Technology, Associate in Technological Education (ATE). The DECS permits for the above program offerings are under process. The new IETI College will be inaugurated on November 5, 1994.

IETI has vigorously pursued its objective of establishing linkages with different companies in the Philippines especially those located in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite and Bulacan. Presently, the school has established linkages with more than one hundred companies for on-the-job training and employment of its graduates. The six trimester program is well accepted by the industry that many IETI schools have no problems in the placement or employment of its graduates because of the big demand from the industry.